Backlit Ergonomic Keyboard

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The keyboard is called Backlit Ergonomic Keyboard when the keys are illuminated to allow the user to be able to comfortably use them in environments where there is either a dim or no light at all. It is designed in a way to help the user reduce the strain that happens as a consequence of spending a long period working on a computer or playing video games in low-light environments.

The ergonomic functionality requires keyboard manufacturers to either modify certain key sizes or separate adjacent keys for the left and right hands.

What can be the other reasons for purchasing a Backlit Ergonomic keyboard?

In some cases, it can be purchased due to esthetical reasons.

The print on the Backlit Ergonomic Keyboard is semi-transparent so that the light contained underneath the keys can shine through the semi-transparent print to make the letters and symbols visible in low-light environments.

Who can make use of the backlit keyboard?

Although it is mostly preferred by gamers as they usually like playing games in low-light environments, everyone can benefit from the advantages that a backlit ergonomic keyboard offers.

Whether you are a gamer, a programmer, or an editor, a light-up keyboard will make your life easier to carry on with your work in low-light environments without worrying too much about hitting the wrong key.

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What type of device can have a backlit keyboard?

Any device can be connected to the backlit keyboard. Whether you are using a desktop, laptop, Android, or iPhone. This special keyboard functionality depends on the design because other keyboards are not offering this functionality of lighting up to be used in the fark environment.

What are the advantages of a backlit keyboard?

  • This type of keyboard can allow the user to type in a low-light environment.
  • The backlit keyboard is so convenient to anyone who spends a long period working on a computer because it makes you work longer.
  • With the light on the keyboard, you can easily see what key you are hitting and there’s less chance to make a mistake that can cause a typing error.
  • Some of them are designed to emit different colors and contribute to the esthetical appearance while using your personal computer or laptop.
  • Backlit keyboards are eye-catching.
  • Some models provide the option to customize both the intensity of light and the color.

What are the disadvantages of a backlit?

  • Backlit keyboards cost more than standard keyboards.
  • They drain the battery power if not plugged.
  • They consume more electricity as compared to the standard keyboards.

What should you consider when purchasing a backlit keyboard?

  • Specific Usage.
  • Light Adjustment.
  • Lighting Bleed.
  • Key Layout.
  • Keyboard Size and Weight.
  • Wireless vs. Wired.
  • Mechanical vs. Membrane.
  • Ergonomic.

Specific Usage

Since there are different types of backlit keyboards, your specific need might play a big role when it comes to the choice of your keyboard design. Although a keyboard serves to either type or play games, most gamers tend to choose specific keyboard designs that offer them a higher sensitivity of the keys, a shorter response time to perform the desired task after hitting the key, and the esthetical appearance that different coloring lights emit through the keys.

Light Adjustment

You need to check if the brightness is set to remain at the factory setting or you can be able to adjust it manually. This is very important because you might find yourself in a situation where your eyes are getting irritated with the amount of brightness the keyboard is emitting. This might happen after spending a long period using the keyboard in low-light environments.

Lighting Bleed

You need to look at the keyboard and select the one with a solid border around the keys to avoiding light emissions around the keys (Key bleeding)

Key Layout

Consider buying a keyboard that has large keys, bigger spaces between keys, and large letters for great visibility. There are different designs when it comes to keyboard layout. Some of them have a touchpad at the bottom of the space bar while others have a touchpad located to the right side of the keyboard.

Keyboard Size and Weight

When searching for a keyboard, you’re going to come across different sizes and weights depending on their designs. The different sizes, weights, and designs of keyboards can be categorized into the following:

  • Full-size keyboard: This is a commonly used keyboard size that most people think of when it comes to a keyboard. This type of keyboard has 104 keys that consist of a number pad, a row of function keys, and shortcut keys. This keyboard has everything you need and this is the reason why most of the offices have a full-size keyboard because they are more convenient when it comes to data entry.

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  • Compact keyboard: As the name implies, this keyboard has been designed to be carried around because of its size and weight. The design of a compact keyboard differs from the standard keyboard one by either compacting some of the keys to perform more functions or by eliminating some of the features that you find on a full-size keyboard. Depending on the design, some compact keyboards have smaller keys, and don’t have a separate number pad or arrow keys while others have a separate number pad and arrow keys but eliminate the keyboard surrounding panel to reduce their sizes and weights.

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Wireless vs. Wired

You might find yourself in a position where you don’t know whether you must buy a wireless or a wired Backlit Ergonomic Keep keyboard.

Well, buying a Wireless Backlit Ergonomic Keyboard has got its positive and negative sides. The positive side about it is to have your working or playing space uncluttered with wires. You have the freedom of moving your keyboard away from your PC at a specific distance and still be able to use it.

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You can either use Bluetooth or radiofrequency to connect your wireless keyboard to your computer tower, laptop, Android, or iPhone device. When connecting your keyboard via Bluetooth, there will be a need to keep charging your rechargeable batteries or keep changing batteries because Bluetooth consumes much battery power.

You will be confronted with interference when connecting your keyboard via radio frequency and this might lead to an intermittent connection between your keyboard and the main device.

To avoid all these problems, buying a wired Backlit Ergonomic keyboard is ideal because of its shorter response rate and no need to keep charging or changing batteries. Besides that, there is no interference with a wired keyboard.

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Mechanical vs. Membrane

Mechanical keyboards are the best ones to buy when you’re looking for a specific Backlit Ergonomic Keyboard because of the sensitivity when it comes to key hitting responses although they are quite expensive as compared to the Membrane Keyboard.

Membrane Keyboards on the other hand are lighter, quieter, most compact, and do not cost a lot.


Irrespective of what you will be doing on the computer, if you are the type of person who spends long hours typing or playing games, I would advise you to go for a Backlit Ergonomic Keyboard.

What are the features of a Backlit Ergonomic Keyboard?

  • Brightness.
  • Keys.
  • Colors.
  • Noise Reduction.
  • NKRO (N-key rollover) and Anti-Gosling.


As the name implies, all the backlit keyboards have adjustable brightness. The difference between the expensive and the cheap ones is based on the light adjustment levels.


When it comes to selecting the Backlit Ergonomic Keyboard based on the keys you need to focus on the following:

  • Size: Key sizes play a big role when purchasing a backlit keyboard. The larger the keys, the bigger the space between them and larger letters to improve the visibility.
  • Hotkeys: You are going to find several hotkeys on a full-size keyboard to make it easier to fulfill certain functions such as Windows, Pause, and Print screen while both compact and lightweight backlit keyboards do not have hotkeys to reduce the keyboard sizes and weights


Depending on the design that you are going to purchase, you will come across some keyboards that have only one light color while others offer multiple light colors with a setting to allocate a specific color to specific keys. This option is more convenient for gamers.

Noise Reduction

The clacking noise that standard keyboards make While using them might irritate some of the people in your surroundings. The good news is backlit keyboards have what we call noise reduction technology to reduce the sound that the keys make when typing.

  • n-key rollover (NKRO): The ideal usage of your keyboard will determine whether you have to consider buying the NKRO keyboard type or not.

You don’t need an NKRO keyboard If you will be using your keyboard for office work but you can go for it if you will be using your keyboard for playing games.

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  • Anti-ghosting: Besides the NKRO you are going to realize that some keyboards have anti-ghosting instead of NKRO. The advantage of an Anti-ghosting keyboard is that they recognize certain simultaneous keystrokes.

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Since your keyboard is one of the most important pieces of hardware that you need for your computer or any other mobile device such as a cellphone,  laptop, or tablet, I would advise you to buy a backlit ergonomic keyboard rather than a standard keyboard because the light on the keys and the features that some designs offer will help you fulfill your need and boost your productivity irrespective of your intended usage.

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