Best Ergonomic Office Chairs For Lower Back Pain

Are you trying to search for the Best Ergonomic Chairs For Your Lower Back Pain?

Well, the good news is you’ve landed exactly in the right place.

I’ve taken a look at various ergonomic chairs to get rid of your lower back pain and in this post, I’m going to outline the best.

Plus, I’m also going to share with you a few things you should consider when it comes to dealing with back pain.

The Problem With Lower Back Pain

Most of the time lower back pain develops without a cause that can be identified with a test.

Everyone is susceptible to developing back pain at one time or another and this might be caused by different factors.

The location of the pain can help to identify the cause.

Back pain can vary from mild to severe to the point of affecting your stability to move.

It can be felt in many ways ranging from muscle aches, tingling or burning sensation, stabbing pain that radiates down your leg, and reduces flexibility.

It may also be felt as pain or weakness in other parts of the body including your leg, hip, or the sole of your foot.


  • Age. As you get older around age 30 or 40 you become more susceptible to developing back pain.
  • Awkward sleep. Not sleeping adequately can cause back pain. Bad mattress: poor support can cause or worsen the pain.
  • Lack of exercise. Sitting for a long period without getting enough physical activity can increase the likelihood of developing both back pain and neck pain.
  • Excess weight. Excessive body fat puts much pressure on your back.
  • Diseases. Certain diseases like arthritis (A disease that causes stiffness, swelling, and inflammation) and cancer can make you develop back pain.
  • Improper lifting. Bending while lifting heavy loads instead of using your legs can cause back pain.
  • Psychological conditions. Depression and anxiety put you at a higher risk of developing back pain.
  • Smoking. Smokers are more prone to developing back pain because smoking induces cough, which can lead to herniated disks and it decreases blood flow in the spine, which increases the risk of osteoporosis (A condition in which bones become weak and brittle).

Types Of Back Pain:

  • Lower back pain
  • Upper back pain

What Causes Lower Back Pain?

It is mostly caused by muscle spasms (strains or tears in the muscles and ligaments).

This can happen after bending, lifting, or carrying heavy objects, sitting, or driving in a hunched position.

What Causes Upper Back Pain?

It results from muscular irritation caused by weak muscles, accidents, and overuse or sports injuries.

Work Related Back Pain

The following work-related tasks that are not performed properly can lead to back pain:

  • Lifting, carrying, pushing, or pulling incorrectly.
  • Sitting or driving for a long period without taking a break.
  • Standing or bending for a long period.

Whether you’re working from home or going to the office your body starts experiencing some discomfort due to prolonged hours of sitting and this has led you to ask yourself if you should invest in purchasing a better ergonomic office chair.

The answer is yes because sitting in a bad position from a postural standpoint causes back injuries.

How Can You Get Rid Of Back Pain?

Now that you have defined and understood the different possible causes of back pain, the following are possible solutions to solve the problem:

The first thing you should avoid is bed rest since research has shown that lying down too much slows the recovery process and increases the pain.

Most of the time back pain is not so serious even though it may be painful.

Your pharmacist can advise about painkillers you can use to self-treat it.

But if you are struggling to cope with the pain, or it is long-lasting for more than 4 weeks then you should visit your doctor to suggest other therapies.

Therefore it is a good idea to continue with movements such as physical exercise and walking.


Like I said in most cases, you will not need to see a doctor to treat your back pain because your pharmacist can advise about painkillers you can use to self-treat it and you should consider maintaining a good posture, having a good sleep, and relaxing your mind.

How do you maintain a good posture?

You should always consider the way you hold your back when you sit, stand, walk, sleep, or do your daily activities.

Make it a point that you always keep a good posture by aligning all the bones in your spine correctly as compare to poor posture that can lead to back pain.

Good Posture Tips:

  • Avoid working on your laptop while sitting on the bed.
  • Make use of an ergonomic chair if you are going to spend a long time sitting.
  • Invest in buying both desk and chair that are going to make you feel comfortable.
  • Your feet need to be kept shoulder-width apart.
  • Your stomach should be tucked in while standing.
  • Consider shifting your weight from one foot to the other and from your toes to heels in case you’re going to spend a long time standing and remember to keep your arms hanging on the sides of your body.

Nice Sleep

Invest in purchasing a mattress that will make you feel comfortable and have quality sleep.

Nice Sleep Tips:

  • You should sleep on your side or back instead of sleeping face down (On your belly)
  • Consider purchasing ergonomic pillows.


Stress, tension, and other non-physical problems can sometimes lead to back pain.

Mind Relaxation Tips:

  • Meditation.
  • Yoga.
  • Acupuncture.
  • Physical exercise.
  • Massage.
  • Dancing classes.

Finding the right ergonomic office chair is tricky and there is no universally perfect model because people are different.

Below, you can look at different ergonomic office chairs to help you sit straight and comfortably while preventing posture-related problems.

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The upholstery on the Sihoo office chair can best be described as highly breathable but coarse. A satisfied buyer of the Sihoo ergonomic office chair says “On the upside, the largely mesh covering does an excellent job of keeping one cool, especially the back area. If you live in a hotter climate or tend to sweat a lot, this material is your friend.”

Ergonomic office chair Desk chair PU, Leather computer chair. Task rolling Swivel, Stool High back Executive chair, lumbar support Armrest, nylon smooth-rolling casters, this PU Leather office chair, the Executive chair instruction, excellent seating experience, good quality. A satisfied buyer said “Absolutely gorgeous and super comfortable! This chair is gorgeous and fit for a Queen! I purchased this for my home office and it’s perfect! Easy to assemble, super cushions”

It is an executive ergonomic office chair, NOU-Mid Century Modern Design.

Review by a satisfied buyer on 20 May 2021 stating “Best chair ever for those with back pain. The most amazing office chair I’ve ever owned or sat in. I have severe lower back pain and the ability to adjust the lumbar support for this chair is so helpful- plus it looks great in my office. I am so happy with this purchase.”

Verdict after three months: Excellent chair. Reviewed in the United States on July 14, 2017

“I suffer from pelvic pain due to ligament tears and other issues. Sitting is a painful activity for me for the most part, but standing is also painful. In short, I spend most of my days in discomfort. This chair has been a real boon to me. The time I spend sitting in it is the only time I am comfortable most days. The back of the chair provides sturdy support. The seat has just enough given to be comfortable without flattening over time (a real problem with plush seats). The swivel is easy and smooth. The arms are comfortable too.” Says, a satisfied  buyer.

On May 22, 2021, à satisfied buyer says “Really nice chair for the money. I’ve had chairs double the price that wasn’t this comfy. It has a small form factor and I like that. Used to give birth to a big fluffy chair but this is better.”

Customer review: “I love the seat very comfortable. Overall the chair is comfortable. I sit for 8 hours and it is not painful. The only thing I dislike so far, the back of the chair does not meet my height. I guess I needed to buy big and tall to get that look”

“This is a great chair for the price. Chairs exactly like this one go for over 100 dollars at Target and Walmart (I did some shopping around before I chose this one).
I always dread setting up furniture but this was the easiest piece I have ever had to assemble. The chair feels sturdy and is very comfortable. I have had this chair now for over a year and I also bought it for my brother for his room. Neither of us has had any issues with it and it seems to be of great quality. The wheels have no problems on thick carpet or hardwood. My brother spends countless hours gaming in it and loves it! It’s large and I like to sit cross-legged in it to help my back posture when I’m on the computer. I use it mostly however to sit in it daily to do my makeup in front of my wall mirror.” Says a satissues buyer.

Awesome chair; not for a petite person. This is a beautiful chair that is easy to assemble. The quality of the material is great. This feels like a very sturdy cushiony chair. My only problem is I’m 5’3″, 115lbs considered a petite person, and this chair is way too big for me; my feet don’t touch the ground at the lowest setting if I sit back in the chair. So I find myself having to sit at the edge of the chair which defeats the point of a nice cushiony chair. For a heavy person or a man, it would fit great. Therefore I had to return it and they were easy to work with on the return.” Says a buyer.

Customer Reviews. “All Amazon-branded products I’ve ever purchased have met or exceeded expectations. I bought this to replace my 3-year-old black bonded leather chair. This was an upgrade. Padding is pretty decent as I have used this for up to 16 hours a day (as COVID has me teleworking, plus I use my computer for home-related activities after work, but of course with breaks). Needless to say, I have used this a lot for long periods. This is by no means an awesome chair that will change your life but for the price, it’s a great pick. If you don’t need any orthopedic chair or have to sit for 24 hours straight, you’ll be fine with this.” Says a buyer.

“Another great option, the Smugdesk Executive Office Ergonomic Chair has a lot to offer. Its rather unique design offers both a high back for great neck support, as well as a prominent waist section for lumbar support. It’s covered with a high-quality soft leather over a double-padded seat cushion.”

“This chair is very comfortable. I work from home and the right chair is a big deal to me. Most chairs are too hard or extremely expensive. This one is a great fit. I am comfortable for long hours of work sitting in this chair. It is a very good value and was easy to assemble, shipping was fast too.” Says Betsy.

“Better than the Sleek form chairs. This chair has a tilted seat which you need to truly benefit from a kneeling style chair. It is also adjustable both on the seat height on knee height making it highly customizable for people short and tall. I have chronic hip and lower back pain despite being young and healthy and this has saved me when I need to sit and work at the computer. I have a standing desk with a balance board as well but you can’t stand all day or for some kinds of work, so this chair has been great.” Says a satisfied buyer.

“Help promote strength and flexibility in your back while you work with the Serta Works Ergonomic Executive Office Chair. This ergonomic office chair helps users be more productive and efficient by maximizing lower back support and comfort while seated. Its unique Back in Motion Active Seat Technology swivels the lumbar forward, providing the same effects as a pelvic tilt exercise by promoting spinal movement and flexibility in your core.” says a customer.

“Not only is this chair quick to put together, but it is also comfortable as well. All in all, it took about 15 minutes to assemble. The seat has good cushioning and the back has great lumbar support. It has a 90 to 120 degrees tilt function and swivels 360 degrees around. I like that I can lock the chair in place. It can hold up to 300 pounds. The wheels glide on our floors smoothly and don’t leave scratches or marks. Very affordable and looks more expensive than what it is.” Says a satisfied buyer.

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