Best Working Desk – Boost Your Productivity

Are you looking for the Best Working Desk to boost your productivity and guarantee your happiness?

Well in this post, you’re going to find a few desks to create a good working environment that can contribute to your mental stability.

The spread of Covid-19 has caused one-third of the global population aged from 15 years old to adopt sedentary behaviours because they want to reduce contact with other people for fear of being infected.

This has caused an increase influx of working from home, spending much time watching television, and playing video games.

No matter what you are doing, the choice of the Best Working Desk will make your workplace or playing space pleasant, and comfortable.

There are different types of desks and there isn’t what we call “one size or one design fits all” when it comes to choosing the Best Working Desk.

The choice of a desk depends on the type of activity you will be doing.

Whether your work activity is based on arts, crafts, writing, using a computer, playing games or an all-purpose desk, a good choice of a desk will boost your productivity and guarantee your happiness.

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The choice of your desk can go along with another good choice an ergonomic chair to prevent back pain and neck pain.

Different Types of desks:

Besides considering the type of activity you will be using the desk for, the choice of a desk depends on the working space and the layout of the venue where it will be placed.

Writing Desk

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This is the most simple desk though some of them might have different designs, styles and fancy escritoires. They don’t have drawers, built-in cabinets or other storage components. They just need to be paired with a chair of your choice to get the work done.

Pros. Most writing desks can fit in any office or working space. Whether you are working from home or in the office, you won’t struggle much to accommodate a writing Desk.

Cons. The negative side of a writing desk is the lack of storage space to keep confidential documents.

Corner Desk

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This desk is designed to be put in the corner irrespective of the place where you’re working (Home or office) and it leaves the rest of the space for something else.

Pros. This is a space-saving desk and can fit in any working space that can be big or small irrespective of the room layout.

It provides two working spaces where one can be used for the desktop computer or the laptop and the other surface can be used for writing or placing documents.

You will need to shift from one side of the desk to the other depending on what you want to do.

Cons. The negative side of this desk is the lack of privacy because everyone that needs to talk to you while working will have to come from your back and can see what you’re busy working on.

This will inconvenience you most of the time because you will have to stop what you’re busy with and turn your chair to face the person who’s talking to you.

The other negative side of this desk is the fact that you have to face the wall which can be frustrating to certain people.

Credenza Desk

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This is a desk that can be placed close to the wall at a distance that you can easily reach by swivelling your working chair.

The Credenza Desk is considered as a secondary working surface and it’s usually perpendicular to the main working surface that can be a pedestal desk.

The credenza Desk is mostly used as a space to place the working computer while using the other space for something else.

Pros. Placing the Credenza Desk perpendicular to the main desk forming what we call L-Shape helps you make use of the opening space to swivel between the two working spaces.

Cons. Some office layouts won’t suit the Credenza Desk; There’s a lack of privacy in offices where de layout suits the placement of the Credenza Desk because you will need to face the wall exposing your working content to anyone who would like to communicate with you as he has to come from your back.

Computer Desk

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This is designed to meet and accommodate all your technological needs such as desktop computer or laptop, scanner, printer, speakers, tower, built-in CD or DVD trays, cables, and other equipment you might need to fit in. The design looks simpler and smaller than the executive desk but it is bigger than the writing desk.

The Computer Desk is usually equipped with a built-in keyboard tray that can be slid in or out of your desk when needed.

Pros. Besides accommodating your computer hardware, a computer desk helps you have much space in your working room because it doesn’t occupy much space.

Cons. Some of them are made of material that can easily get scratched by kids.

Executive Desk

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This desk is wide and deep as compared to the pedestal desk. It has two drawers to keep documents and it is mostly used in a large office space. Besides the rectangular shape, some executive desks have L-shapes and U-shapes.

Pros. It provides a larger working surface with storage drawers to keep documents.

Cons. The Computer Desk is not ideal for someone who is working in a confined space.

Pedestal Desk

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The Computer Desk is also called a tanker. It’s a large, flat and free-standing rectangular working desk. Its flat surface is supported by two pedestals that can either have the same size or different ones depending on the design.

Pros. The pedestal base contributes to the beauty of your office and makes it look luxurious.

Cons. Most of the pedestal desks are expensive and cannot be used in a smaller office.

Secretary Desk

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This type of desk is also called “Escritoire”. The Computer Desk is a writing desk that is characterized by having a hinged desktop surface that flips forward to provide a space for writing. It has wide drawers to keep books and papers.

Pros. Secretary desks provide storage for documents and other stationery. It can be used in a smaller office room.

Rolltop Desk

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This is a 19th-century reworking of the pedestal desk. The Computer Desk is characterized by having a sliding rolltop to enclose the desktop working surface and it can be locked. This type of desk offers a lot of stacked compartments, shelves and drawers.

Pros. Rolltop desks were very popular in the 19th century. They are made of solid wood and have double pedestals. They are very convenient desks because they provide much space to work and have enough storage to keep documents and other office necessities. They contribute to the beauty of your house or office by giving it an antique look.

Cons. It takes much time to fold a lot of letters and insert them in each slot. It also takes much time to open and close all the smaller drawers that rolltop desks offers. The Computer Desk is not an ideal type of desk to use if you are using a desktop computer because you won’t be able to close the sliding top. Besides that, rolltop desks are pricey, heavy and occupy a large space in your office or house.

Armoire Desk

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This is a writing table that has been built into a large cabinet that measures between 1.5-2 meters high. Depending on the design, certain cabinets can be closed by two to four doors to avoid exposing the working space.

Pros. This type of desk contributes to the beauty of your house or office. The doors of the cabinet help to keep your working surface out of the dust, hide the cluttered working space by giving it a good appearance. It can be used to store documents, books and can be beneficial for other home office storage necessities.

Cons. This type of desk is huge, heavy and occupies a large space.

Although a secretary desk provides a space to store a laptop and certain documents, an armoire desk can store the laptop, documents and other office equipment. Besides that, it also contributes to the beauty of your home or office.

Standing Desk

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Just like the name suggests this desk is also called a stand-up desk. It allows you to stand up while working. Some of them are designed in a way that allows you to adjust it from the sitting position to the standing position depending on the need.

How Does The Height Get Adjusted?

The adjustment depends on the type of standing desk you are going to purchase. Adjustable standing desks can be classified as Manually Height Adjustable Standing Desk, Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk, and Pneumatic Height Adjustable Standing Desk.

Manually Height Adjustable Standing Desk

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It requires the user to operate the crank mechanism so that the desk can either be raised or kept low. Some designers locate the crank mechanism in the corner or under the working surface, on side of one of the lifting columns or on top of the desk.

Pros. Operating the crank mechanism to adjust the desk can be considered as a light exercise as compared to Electric Adjustable Standing Desk. This type of desk contributes to your health and keeps you in movement.

Cons. It’s time-consuming when you have to adjust it so many times accommodating your desired positions while working.

Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

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Electric Height Adjustable Standing desks allow you to easily and quickly alternate between sitting and standing positions while working.

Pros. Anyone can operate the Electric Adjustable Standing Desks. You don’t need to understand the mechanism behind the process of adjusting your desk heights. All you need to do is to press a button to raise the desk and another button to lower it.

Cons. It will be hard to use if the desk lifting mechanism breaks at a non desired position because you won’t be able to adjust it manually.

Pneumatic Adjustable Standing Desk

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The pneumatic Height Adjustment Desk operates by pulling the lever to raise or and lower the desk to the desired position.

Pros. No need to use the electricity to raise or lower the desk as is the case with the Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desks.

Cons. Overloading the desk can cause the gas cylinder to lose pressure and cause difficulties to raise or lower the table.

All the above desks can be categorized as follows:

  • Fixed Sitting Desk.
  • Height Adjustable Sitting – Standing Desk.


A good choice of a desk is needed to make your workplace pleasant, efficient and comfortable. The Best Working Desk goes along with a good choice of a chair to prevent Lower Back Pain and Neck Pain.

If you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to leave them in the comments box below and I will be more than happy to get back to you.

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