Electric Adjustable Standing Desk

An Electric Adjustable Standing Desk is a types of ergonomic desk that can be adjusted by pressing a button to be used while sitting or standing.

To be productive and effective with your work you need to have everything that is needed to make your workplace pleasant, efficient, and comfortable.

This includes adequate internet connection, proper furniture and the right technology tools to accomplish your task.

Sitting for an extended period working from home or at the office makes your body susceptible to discomforts such as lower back pain and neck pain.

The pain has motivated you to either purchase an ergonomic office chair or a neck and shoulder massager device to prevent pains to your back or neck.

In case, you haven’t purchased any of the above and you’re still wondering whether it is important to buy an ergonomic office chair or any other device to deal with the neck, shoulder and back pain, the answer is “YES” because sitting in a bad position affects your back, shoulder, and neck negatively by causing injuries and other health issues that might lead to early death.

We usually ignore that our body is supposed to be in movement to allow the metabolism to function adequately.

A sedentary behaviour or lifestyle hurts your health and may cause various health issues such as early death, diabetes, obesity, some types of cancer, and cardiovascular disease.

Research has shown that there is a very low energy expenditure in activities that involve sedentary behaviours such as sitting, reclining, or lying down.

Sitting for a long period reduces metabolism, impairs the body’s ability to control blood sugar levels, regulate blood pressure and break down fat.

Irrespective of the type of chair you are sitting on while working, your body doesn’t want you to sit too long and doesn’t want you to stand too long either.

It is recommended to have a perfect balance between sitting and standing to boost your productivity and energy.

With the use of Height Adjustable Standing Desks, you can easily alternate between sitting and standing depending on your choice.

Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Well, just like the name suggests it’s a type of desk that can be adjusted to be used while sitting or standing.

Types of Height Adjustable Desk:

  • Manually Adjustable Standing Desk.
  • Electric Adjustable Standing Desk.
  • Pneumatic Adjustable Standing Desk

Manually Adjustable Standing Desk

This type of desk requires the user to operate the crank mechanism allowing it to be adjusted according to the desired height.

The crank mechanism can be located at various locations depending on the designer.

Some desks have the crank mechanism located in a corner on top or under the desktop, on the side of one of the lifting columns or top of the desk.

Electric Adjustable Standing Desk

This type of desk requires the user to press a button so that the desk can be adjusted according to the desired height.

Operating the Electric Adjustable Standing Desk doesn’t require you to have specific knowledge about the technology behind it.

All you need to do is to push a button to raise the desk to reach the desired height so that you can either move around or stand while working.

To lower the desk, you need to push another button. Raising or lowering your desk doesn’t require any physical power from you besides pushing the button.

Pneumatic Adjustable Standing Desk

You can find it on Amazon here.

This type of desk falls under Manually Height Adjustable Standing Desk. It has a pressurized airlift adjustment mechanism to lift and lower it.

There are different designs of Height Adjustable Standing Desks and the choice depends on what you will be using the desk for.

Your work activity can be based on crafts, writing, arts, using a computer or the need to have an all idea purpose desk.

No matter what you are going to use the desk for, the right choice will guarantee productivity and enjoyment.

Manually Adjustable Standing Desk VS Electric Adjustable Standing Desk

Both types of desks respond positively against the worse behaviour of sitting for a long period while working.

Like I said Manually Adjustable Standing Desk relies on the user to operate the crank mechanism allowing the desk to be adjusted according to the desired height.

This is good because you get in movement while adjusting your desk height but you should also consider the time it takes to adjust it, especially if you have to repeat the process so many times while working.

Regarding the price, you might prefer the Manually Adjustable Standing Desk thinking that the Electric Adjustable Standing Desk costs a lot.

The answer is no. Some Manually Adjustable Standing Desks cost more than the electric ones.


Considering the effort and time it takes to adjust the desk to different positions so many times while working and taking into consideration the price of both I would recommend the Electric Adjustable Standing Desk because it can be adjusted from sitting to standing in a few seconds and requires no physical power from you besides pressing the button.

Below, you can look at different Electric Adjustable Standing Desks and Manually Adjustable Standing Desks to help you make a choice of the one that will satisfy your needs.

Should you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to get back to you.

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