Health Risks of Sitting Too Long – Exercise to be Healthy

Sitting too long without being in movement makes your body susceptible to adverse health issues that can lead to early death.

Whether you spend much time working on the computer, playing video games, watching television, or doing some artwork, it is advised to include some movements into your daily activities to help you to lower the health risks of sitting too long as a consequence of being inactive.

Since the onset of Covid-19, most people have adopted a sedentary lifestyle and they avoid going around for fear of being infected with Coronavirus.

A sedentary lifestyle is good to prevent contracting the virus but on the other end, it is putting you at risk of dying earlier as a consequence of not being active.

What other factors influence the increase of a sedentary lifestyle?


Besides the onset of Covid-19, there are a couple of environmental factors that have contributed to the drop in physical activities and caused an increase in the sedentary lifestyle.

These factors are lack of sports facilities, an increase in traffic congestion, air pollution as a consequence of so many industries and the carbon emissions from cars, not having enough recreational spaces like parks, and pedestrian walkways, the Improvement of technology allowing people to have video conference calls, the ability to watch many television channels from different countries offering a variety of programs, and playing video games.

How does a sedentary lifestyle affect your body?

The following may happen to your body and lead to health risks as consequences of being inactive:

  • You are more likely to gain weight because you burn fewer calories when you’re inactive.
  • A drop in your muscle strength and endurance as a consequence of being inactive.
  • Difficulty in breaking down fats and sugar as a consequence of the affected metabolism.
  • Poor immune system response.
  • Poor blood circulation.
  • Hormonal imbalance.
  • Susceptibility to Inflammation.

What are the health risks of sitting too long?


Scientific research has discovered that sitting for a long period can increase your risks of developing the following health-related problems:

  • Upper back pain.
  • Lower back pain.
  • Neck pain.
  • Diabetes.
  • Heart disease such as coronary artery disease and heart attack.
  • Stroke.
  • High cholesterol.
  • Metabolic Syndrome.
  • Cancer.
  • Osteoporosis.
  • Depression and Anxiety.

How does movement reduce your chance of developing health problems?

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Being in movement will make your body burn more calories which in its turn will boost your energy, boost your productivity and increase your happiness. Being happy will put you away from depression and anxiety.

How could you incorporate physical activities at home?

Although you might be very busy, try to incorporate the following activities into your daily life to gain good health in return and increase your chance of living longer:

  • Daily walk.
  • Cycling.
  • Avoid using the elevator and make use of the stairs to go upstairs or get down.
  • Dancing.
  • Swimming.
  • Standing while talking on the phone.
  • Standing up and going to change the TV channels instead of using the remote control.
  • Keep yourself busy doing some gardening work if you have one.
  • Purchase some exercise equipment such as a treadmill, hand weights, exercice mat, and a yoga ball.
  • Purchase a standing desk to help you alternate between sitting and standing while working from home.

How could you incorporate physical activities at the office?

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Though you might be overwhelmed with the amount of work you have to complete daily to reach your target and adhere to the deadline procedures, you should remember that you can work because your body is still in a state that allows you to work.

The least you can do is to look after your body and avoid attracting health problems as a consequence of not being active is to always think of incorporating movements into our daily life.

The activities below can help you prevent health issues that arise from lack of movement:

  • Making use of a standing desk while working and you can also purchase a treadmill that can be installed at the bottom of your standing desk to include some walking while typing.
  • Stand up and take a walk to your colleague’s office instead of making use of the telephone call or sending the email.
  • Include some breaks and take a walk to the canteen or kitchen to make coffee instead of waiting for someone else to bring it to you.
  • Stand up while talking on the phone.
  • Make use of the stairs to go up or get down instead of using the elevator.
  • Stand while having work meetings.
  • Stand while taking a coffee break.

How often should you exercise?

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It’s better to exercise even at a slower pace than not exercising at all. If it’s been a while that you haven’t exercised, it will be better to start slowly with physical activities and add more activities or exercises gradually as time goes by.

What is the importance of gradually adding more exercises?

This will allow your body to cope with the change instead of overwhelming yourself with intense exercise that might put you at risk of getting a heart attack.

If you are still wondering about what activity to do and keep being in movement, I would advise you to keep it simple and not to put too much pressure on yourself. Whether you spend much time working from home or at the office, there are so many activities you can do to keep moving at a slower pace.

You can refer to the activities that I have suggested above and select the ones that will be more suitable for you. The more exercise you add the better.

Based on the health risks of sitting too long, I would advise you to look at the suggested products below to help you exercise while you’re working from either home or the office.

Being in movement while working will not only boost your productivity but will also guarantee your happiness which is one of the secrets to live longer.

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