What’s The Cause Of Neck Pain – Treatment and Prevention

Neck pain (Cervicalgia) is a state of discomfort where the neck muscles are strained due to poor posture resulting from bending the neck for an extended period while using the cellular phone, computer, playing video games, or working.

The neck is composed of vertebrates (bones), ligaments, and muscles to hold up your head and allow its movements.

The vertebrates or bones extend from the skull to the upper torso.

They have got cervical discs separating them from one another to absorb shock between them.

Many people experience neck pain or stiffness during life regardless of what they do but most of the time the pain is not serious and can be relieved on its own within a few days though in some cases neck pain can be a signal indicating a serious injury or illness that requires medical attention.

Please consult a doctor if you are experiencing severe neck pain for more than a week.

What’s the cause of neck pain?

Deviations, inflammation, or injury arising from the neck vertebrates, ligaments or muscles, can trigger a sensation of neck pain or stiffness.

Neck pain or neck stiffness can also be caused by a variety of reasons ranging from muscle tension and strain, injury, Heart attack, Meningitis, or other causes such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Fibromyalgia, Spondylosis, herniated cervical discs, and Spinal stenosis.

Muscle tension and strain

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Muscle tension and strain result from both activities and behaviors such as:

  • Bending the neck for a long period while working on a computer, using the cellular phone, or playing video games.
  • Poor posture.
  • Rough movement of the neck during a physical exercise.
  • Sleeping in a bad position.


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The neck can easily get injured as a consequence of an accident that might arise from a car, falls, sports, or displacement of muscles and ligaments from their normal position.

Heart attack

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You need to quickly seek medical care when your neck pain is accompanied by sweating, nausea, vomiting, breath shortness, and harm or pain in the jaws.


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People that are suffering from Meningitis experience symptoms such as a stiff neck, fever, and headache.

Seek medical attention when your stiff neck is accompanied by fever and headache.

As mentioned above, neck pain can also be caused by other causes such as Rheumatoid arthritis, Osteoporosis, Fybromyalgia, Spondylosis, Herniated cervical disc, and Spinal stenosis.

Rheumatoid arthritis: It is characterized by pain, swelling of the joints, and bone. This can cause neck pain when it develops in the neck.

Osteoporosis: It is a condition that makes the bones weak to the extent where it can cause fractures.

Fibromyalgia: A condition that is characterized by causing muscle pain and this can happen in the neck and shoulder.

Spondylosis: It is a condition that narrows the space between the vertebrate. It usually happens when you’re getting older.

Herniated cervical disc: It is characterized by a ruptured or slipped disk.

Spinal stenosis: It is characterized by the narrowing of the spinal column and this condition puts much pressure on the spinal cord.


Besides your medical history and physical examination, neck pain treatment depends on the diagnosis.

In most cases, your doctor will recommend some physical exercise to stretch the neck muscles, pain killers, muscle relaxants, or a neck collar.

Home remedies for neck pain:

To get rid of neck pain from home, you might need the following:

  1. Apply ice or heat therapy.
  2. Take some painkillers.
  3. Stretch the neck muscles accompanied with some massage.
  4. Maintain a good posture by using  ergonomic office or gaming chairs when you know you are going to spend a long period working in front of the computer or playing video games.
  5.  Avoid keeping the phone between neck and shoulder.
  6. Avoid standing or sitting too long without being in movement, use the neck pillow.


Practicing good posture or resting when your neck muscles are sore will prevent you from experiencing pains since most of the time neck pain is caused by either a poor posture or muscle strain.

Remember to see a doctor in case your neck pain continues for more than a week. In this case, your doctor will need to examine you doing the following screening and tests: X-rays, MRI scans, blood tests, electromyography, and lumbar puncture.

Below, are the different products you might consider looking at to help you improve your posture, relax your neck muscle and relieve your neck pain.

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Though improving your posture plays a major role in alleviating neck pain you can also make use of the versatile microwave heating pad to get rid of cramps, neck pain, shoulders pain, and upper back pain.


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This multi-purpose neck massager has 3 Speed Massage Levels, 8 Rotating Kneading and it’s equipped with 15 Minutes Safety Auto-Off. It’s easy and safe to use. It will help you get rid of muscle pain, ease neck stiffness, eliminate constant fatigue, and relax after a long day of work or playing video games.

Cervical Neck Traction Device


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This cervical Neck Traction is made of non-itchy material to ensure your comfort and satisfaction. It can fit all neck sizes. It has been designed to act as a posture corrector and relieve tension in your nerves.

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This Spine Alignment Chiropractic pillow stretches the neck and helps to alleviate neck/shoulder pain.

For quality sleep, you can look at orthopedic pillows to provide effective relief to your neck muscles and joints.

This can go along with the use of a memory foam mattress.

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As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases without adding any extra cost to you.

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